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Queen Of the Figs Giveaway

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Triple X TreXXX Fest

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This past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a really i mean REALLY well run event called The Triple X TreXXX Fest. I’m so proud of my children and I can’t thank Karen enough […]


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There can be no music without instruments....Say hello to some of my favorite instruments!!!

The air in my lungs, the breathe in my recovery, the can that brings me back to life for another set! Can Oxygen is more than just recovery its a way to Breathe Well.
Created for every woman who loves her bike but hates the saddle
Have no fear! Fry’s Better Foods is here! This gem is where I get all my produce and special goodies :) I totally love this Family owned business and I look forward to seeing them each time!
Everyone has their own way of training while on the bike. Me? I train the SRG Force way! It’s super cool being able to wear a weighted suit without any of the problems most weighted suits have. Did I mention it’s a full body suit?
There’s make-up and then there’s art. Beauty 101 is the Make-up artist we all need, desire, dream of and guess what?? I have her!!! okay, I’ll let you guys borrow her from time to time ;)
When a Texan moves up north there’s one thing she misses…Her Nice golden skin!!! Thankfully, there’s an Organic Spray Tan Studio in the are to help fix that problem :)

For the Love of Left turns

Dreams aren’t made on the couch but it sure looks nice

In the circle of life we have many choices, some of them choose us while some of them we’re born with. My circle is unique because I chose to be unique with my gift.
Cheryl Fairweather

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